What is Budaloop?
Simply speaking, Budaloop is an alert generator. You ask budaloop to send you an alert, and it sends you an alert when it finds something. Finds what, you ask? Well, anything, really. Stuff you want to know. Stuff you've searched for, or are hoping to find out soon. But it's geared mostly towards stuff we don't know yet. Keep reading, and you'll get the idea, or just Click here to sign up and start creating alerts.
So, what do you want to know?
When is the weather going to be perfect for that day trip to the beach? What is next year's NFL schedule for my favorite team? Where is next year's music festival being held? When is George R.R. Martin going to finish The Winds of Winter? You have questions, and the internet has answers. So you Google, check your twitter updates, hop on the news sites, just looking for a little piece of information. But there's a problem...
That information doesn't exist yet...
The internet failed you. It turns out no one has figured out how to look into the future. Everyone has a different forecast for two Wednesdays from now. George just isn't done yet, and every time you ask he kills another Stark. Some pieces of information just don't exist yet. So what do you do?
So you keep searching...
And you sign up for updates. You check the weather forecast every day. You subscribe to RSS Feeds, and follow more twitter accounts. You search google once a day just to find that one little piece of information. You download a ton of alert apps that promise up to date news items. And then it happens: you're getting updates from everywhere, for everything. All you wanted was one piece of information, and now you're overloaded. Why can't you just have one account, one app, one place to get everything you asked for, and not much else?
Budaloop is here for you

That's the problem we're here to solve. Budaloop scours the internet, looking for credible sources to get you the information you need. It lets you choose the exact information you wish to receive, with easy to use forms that allow you to be as specific as you want. It allows you to receive the information the way you want to; through an e-mail, SMS, App Alert, or adding the date to your Google Calendar. Budaloop is here to get your information to you, as soon as it becomes available.

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